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Get Ready For Next Season’s Sexy Sandals!!!

hammertoe You’ll feel great in the hottest fashions when you can pick whatever shoes and sandals you want. Get rid of your hammertoes this winter to reveal your new pretty toes this spring. Most people know someone who has had hammertoe surgery, and associates it with those ugly wires sticking out at the end of the toes and lots of pain. A new innovative approach is available that will have you back in shoes quickly with no more ugly wires, less pain, less swelling, and less time away from work to reveal your new straight toes. As we all try to workout and shape up over the winter, don’t forget about your feet. Feet can shape up just in time for the beach and warm weather too!

Innovative New Hammertoe Treatment Now Available
This is not just a cosmetic concern. It is a quality of life issue. An estimated 60 million people suffer from hammertoe deformities in the U.S. Hammertoes are most common in people 40 and older, and are seen more in females than males due to their tendency to wear tight, narrow shoes. Both men and women can feel self-concious about the way their feet look. They may feel limited in their choice of shoes available, suffer restrictions in their activity level, and just simply want to be comfortable wearing shoes both aesthetically and pain-free.

hammertoe2Hammertoe is a deformity that most frequently involves the second, third, and/ or fourth toes. When the joints in the small toes remain bent or bowed for an extended time, the tendons can shrink and toes stiffen into a claw-like or hammer shape. This results in pain at the top of the bent toe, redness and swelling in the joints, corns at the top of the joint, and pain in the ball of the foot. Among other symptoms, patients suffer inflammation, open sores, and pain especially when wearing shoes and walking. This condition significantly impacts an individual’s physical, functional, and emotional quality of life. Surgery is considered when conservative treatments fail.

Now available is the latest technology for hammertoes that eliminates those ugly and painful external wires. This advanced surgical technique is distinct because it does NOT require temporary wires protruding from the toes (4-6 weeks); instead, a micro-implant is placed internally. The old technique, with the protruding wires, makes it difficult to work, bathe, drive, or even sleep normally until the wires are removed. This new technique offers a reduced healing and recovery time, eliminates the risk of pin track infection, and in addition, prevents hammertoe recurrence. This allows patients to get back to their normal routine much quicker.

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