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Dr. Prasad and the staff at Garden State Foot & Ankle have been trained in the latest technologies and solutions to take care of your foot and ankle needs. We will carefully diagnose your condition and offer you a solution that will get you back on your feet quickly.

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At Garden State Foot & Ankle, we do everything possible to give you an excellent experience during your visits. The team at Garden State Foot & Ankle will ensure that your experience is a positive one and that your foot and ankle needs are taken care of.

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Dr. Prasad and the staff at Garden State Foot & Ankle stay up-to-date on current advancements in foot and ankle care. Whether it be new treatments for diabetic wounds, new options to treat hammertoe correction, or new cosmetic treatments, we’ll know about it.

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Manooj Prasad, DPM

Dr. Manooj Prasad of Garden State Foot & Ankle Group, located at 20 Hospital Drive, Suite 9 in Toms River, is an experienced doctor of podiatric medicine and trained surgeon who focuses on disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Dr. Prasad offers comprehensive care exploring both non-surgical and surgical treatment options based on his patient’s needs and lifestyle.



Services from Dr. Prasad

Patients with diabetic ulcers need to be treated aggressively with the latest technology to get the ulcers to heal. There are many new advances in treatment now available, including artificial skin grafts that stimulate the body to heal, different types of off-loading walking boots, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and surgical debridement of the ulcer to get the wound to heal faster, just to name a few. The faster a wound heals, the sooner one gets back to an improved quality of life.

To learn more about diabetic foot care, and the latest treatment options, or any other foot concerns, call Dr. Prasad at (732) 557-9900.

Now available is the latest technology for hammertoes that eliminates those ugly and painful external wires. This advanced surgical technique is distinct because it does NOT require temporary wires protruding from the toes (4-6 weeks); instead, a micro-implant is placed internally. The old technique, with the protruding wires, makes it difficult to work, bathe, drive, or even sleep normally until the wires are removed. This new technique offers a reduced healing and recovery time, eliminates the risk of pin track infection, and in addition prevents hammertoe recurrence. This allows patients to get back to their normal routine much quicker.

To learn more about hammertoe correction options, or any other foot concerns, call Dr. Prasad at (732) 557-9900.

Some of the new treatment options that provide a cosmetic result are Juvederm and Botox.

Juvederm is injected into the balls of the feet to lessen the associated “my feet are killing me” complaints by cushioning the weight bearing area and taking a little of the pressure off the nerves.

Botox can be used to decrease, if not eliminate, temporarily, sweating of the underarms, palms and soles.

To learn more about cosmetic treatment options, or any other foot concerns, call Dr. Prasad at (732) 557-9900.

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